positive influence 

Our desire for influencing change is just as important as our desire to make great products; we want to help forge positive social change in communities. That is why we have partnered with Beautiful Gate, who contribute to the strengthening of communities in South Africa. 

Their message represents the change we want to inspire. That is why every time you buy a product from us, a percentage of that sale goes directly to the work of Beautiful Gate.

the background

Situated between the larger townships of Gugulethu and Khayelitsha, the communities of Crossroads and Philippi can be found. These township communities suffer with tough social issues; low income levels, poor access to health care and educational opportunities affect most residents. 

Families in these communities are often fractured, sometimes struggling to provide the basics for their children and those closest to them. Living conditions can be unstable and residents are often battling with ill health, criminal activity and high unemployment. 

Despite all these challenges, the communities are vibrant and upbeat. Everyday life carries on; barbershops, tuck shops, and fruit sellers line the main streets, children happily go to school, families find work, friends meet and socialise. This is the community spirit that we are inspired by.

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Beautiful Gate believe that all people are able to contribute towards bringing hope to this world. They aim to improve the quality of life for children and families on the African continent. Help us make this happen. You can find out more or donate directly below.